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Its a Redneck Thing

  red2 If you’ve read my “about me” you know I live in a little rural community in southeast missouri full of rednecks.  I’m posting a story here that I wrote on my other blog “Redneck Cafe” because I don’t have anything else to post on this one right now.  It’s a true story I’m sad to say.   One reader commented “I don’t get the joke”.  The joke is… its not a joke.  It really happened.   Here goes:

My money and phone are in my purse and I left my purse in my boyfriend’s truck. My Jeep is sitting on empty. So I can’t drive back and get it and I can’t call. I thought he would see it and bring it to my apartment. Nope. Finally I went next door and called him. He said (out of breath)…
“I heard the rat in the bathroom so I got my shot gun and shot at it. I hit the shaving cream can and it exploded and caught the house on fire. (Little blobs of flaming shaving cream were propelled everywhere and stuck to the walls and ceilings. )  I’m putting the fire out now. It’s a big fire. We don’t have any lights because the bulbs blew and there’s shaving cream everywhere! You should see the house. Its a mess and its all black from the fire. I think I got the rat. I’ll look behind the dryer tomorrow when I can see and pull him out.”

update: the rat was black and crispy.  Yuck!

Don’t try this at home.