Blog, blog, blog… Why?

Ahhh… first post to my new blog. The fun part for me is always creating the blog with the right template and then pondering over a catchy title. So with that completed I’m faced with the hard part. What to blog about? A better question is should I blog at all? I’ve started several blogs in the past and after an explosive whirlwind of eagerness and ambition at the onset I abandon my projects on the run way. The first thing I had to do was ask myself WHY I was blogging in the first place. Do I have something interesting to say? Am I trying to google myself to riches? Is it simply a manifestation of my manic times? No. Maybe. Probably. WHAT to blog about was the second question. Hmmm. Should it be about me and my crazy life and the deep moral lessons I learn and feel a sense of obligation to pass on to the rest of the world? Although I am one of my most favorite subjects chances are high I won’t be yours. Needs to be something catchy, witty, entertaining… Hey! That is me afterall. Oops, there I go.
Okay, my first idea was to start my blog off by writing about all the different theories out there on how the world will end. Found a great site with information -from asteroid collisions to mathmatical predictions- including the mayan date for doomsday, which by the way is supposedly in 2012. Even if you don’t believe in this stuff the way they arrive at that day is very interesting. The opening ad to this site (you know, the internet ad that has the option “skip this ad”)is for a new medication. There’s a picture of a beautiful young woman. It asks “ARE YOU DEPRESSED?” Point taken. I changed course in my thinking process and started steering myself towards the question “Why do people READ blogs?” Ah, now I’m on to something. Why do people read them? Why do people STOP reading them? What do people LIKE to read about? What are the TOP blogs? etc.. It dawned on me (because I do get lucky with a good idea now and then) that other people (especially bloggers) might want to know about this same thing. And THAT, my friends, is HOW I came to the conclusion of my search for the content of my first blog entry. (And I still might write about all those end-of-the-world theories and predictions, but at a later time.)
(to be continued…) I’m researching.


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